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So how did a former bank manager become an image consultant?

Let's see...
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I was fortunate to have three inspiring role models growing up, all who believed strongly in personal presentation, today known as personal branding.

My Nana was always well dressed and was the perfect example of a fine lady. Even in her later years when she was in a nursing home she would dress beautifully. Her love of style and jewellery influenced me from an early age.

My Mum was a sprinter and represented Australia in the Commonwealth Empire Games when she was 18, so from a young age she knew the importance of outstanding presentation to represent her country. It became natural for her to always look her best. She instilled those same values to my sisters and I, as we developed our own sense of style.

My Dad was a business man and I became used to seeing his professional dress. It was through his involvement with Rotary as a Club member, President and a Paul Harris Fellow, that I enjoyed participating in events that required me to wear business attire and helped me to understand the importance of appropriate clothing.

Growing up, I was part of a Brownie, gymnastics and netball clubs requiring a uniform and followed strict guidelines for our dress standards. Upon reflection I now realise I was representing a brand very early in my life. When I entered modelling classes, I learnt more about the importance of self presentation and how to improve it. My fascination with colour evolved from being professionally colour coded during this time. It helped me to have the confidence to continue with modelling. Years of making and creating fashions for myself, led me to looking more closely at style.

Despite my love of fashion design, I pursued a different career and joined the financial services sector where there was a high level of personal professionalism. This led to me participating in a range of advertising campaigns and a TV commercial for the bank I worked for. As I moved up the corporate ladder, I became a bank branch manager. Responsibility for many staff also meant enforcing high standards. When I was involved in a graduate employment program with a large Accounting firm, it clearly demonstrated that personal branding was very influential. 30 years of attending corporate function and events has given me another insight into dressing for black tie functions and events.

My passion for styling has always been with me. Being a mother of three daughters, inspired me to create a fashion label and boutique for special occasion, age-appropriate clothes for tween girls. I formally studied Fashion Design in 2008 for 3 years and then completed my Certification as a Personal Stylist, Advanced Certification, Fashion Stylist and Workshop Facilitator. Many fashion photoshoots and business branding photo sessions has given me enormous experience with the digital world. I developed workshops educating young girls about navigating the world of fashion, preparing for job interviews and work experience, the importance of great first impressions, industry expectation and representing a brand..
 Image Consultant

Being a part of a women’s business group in Melbourne is wonderful to mix with like-minded women in business. Meeting regularly with other fashion Stylists has become a regular event I organise and enjoy leading daily engagement with Australian Stylists. I love the Melbourne café scene, going for long walks and spending time with my daughters.

Creating my own image consultant business has been a culmination of my life’s work and passions. I love working with people to navigate the professional dress codes and supporting them to develop their personal branding to give them the confidence to nail that job interview, to dress appropriately and purposefully for their workplace and professional events.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can support you, please contact me.

Sue Harries – Image Consultant
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